Welcome to the Practice Space (Beta)!

Intelligent Yoga Learning Resources.  Thoughtfully Arranged.

This is the online Asana and Pranayama learning forum of The Practice Room. Live class recordings based on interactions with real-life students. Good quality recordings (these are not Zoom Recordings!).
The Beta version is meant for the levels ‘Experienced Beginner’ to ‘Intermediate’
Monthly curated recommendations selected from hundreds of recorded classes  – ideal for a balanced practice through the month.
Want more? Wish to delve deeper? Choose from the ‘Short Courses’ built around specific themes.

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Curated for the Month

These sessions are selected by us at the beginning of every month for those who wish to follow a balanced practice, and dont want to trawl through the entire recorded library.  Following the convention of the Iyengar tradition, we recommend standing Asanas, forward extensions and twists, back arches, inversions and restorative positions over the 4 weeks of the month, for the 3 different levels Click here for the explanation of the three levels* 
Goes well with Short Courses + Breath Focussed Sessions

For the Intermediate practitioner - Intermediate level

For the experienced beginner - Beginner level

For the Elderly practitioner - Gentle level

Short Courses

A set of 2 - 6 sessions that are develops progressively on one 'theme'.  the 'theme' could be a body part focus, a specific asana, or a therapeutic action.  Our Short Course are recorded over a period of a couple of weeks (sometimes more).  These often include some repititions to reinforce understanding. We recommend that along with your you pick a Short Course based on your priority, and do the sessions over an extended period, repeating and practicing the actions where necessary. We do not advise doing these sessions one after the other over continuous days.Curated for the Month Sessions + Breath Focussed Sessions

Breath Focussed Sessions

Most of these sessions use supported Asana positions. We recommend doing one of these every week (or more if you need it) to balance your active Asana practice.  If you are familiar with the most commonly used positions that we use in the breath-focussed sessions, we encourage you to try some of our audio classes ( on our Practice Space Podcast (link under)  which cuts down on digital stimulation, and make for a quieter experienceCurated for the Month Sessions + Short Courses

Audio Sessions

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