Is it safe to learn yoga online? / why is the practice room a good place for learning yoga online?

if you are making a beginning on the path of yoga through an online medium, we advise utmost sensitivity. However, inspite of the limitations of the online medium, you will learn! We have taught enough beginner-level participants to have a fairly good idea of where things can go wrong, and we include these various scenarios in our online classes. One important aspect to consider is that remote instruction does not allow for finer observations and corrections. We have brought the best of equipment, technology and teaching expertise to make the experience of learning yoga enjoyable.

How do decide which ‘Level’ of Online classes is appropriate for me?

Read the guidelines to select an appropriate ‘Level’ for Online classes.

What all do I need to start learning yoga online?

A sticky/ yoga mat, a designated place in the residence  is all you need to start learning yoga.

Please click the link below and you will find multiple videos that deal with:

– Tips for an immersive and progressive experience while learning yoga online

  • Yoga props – adapting household props