The Annual Weekend Offsite at Bellur is back!

Like the use of most other props in asana practice, Mr. Iyengar pioneered the use of wall (and ceiling) ropes. 

The use of ropes brungs about a sense of lightness in body and alertness in mind.  they make possible asanas that might otherwise be too difficult to execute by oneself.  All categories of asanas - from standing to inversions - are interpreted with the use f ropes for better understanding, better execution, and for therapeutic effects.  However, it should be kept in mind that using ropes in asana practice complements a more grounding practice (done on the floor), and the restorative and calming practices.  Taken together, they form a beautiful whole.  Like every other prop, the ropes have their place in the 'toolkit' that a discerning practitioner uses.  

In this workshop, we will not just learn the use of ropes in various kinds of asanas, but we will also try to investigate, what advantages these adaptations offer us.  

The Schedule is Coming Up!  

The two days ( Saturday and Sunday) can be attended individually. But the workshop will be progressive in nature, and we recommend that yo attend both days


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Pain and discomfort in elbows and wrists can have different origins.  Injuries and pain can set in due to over-use, under-use, or abuse.
  • Our modern lifestyle with high use of electronic devices involves a limited range of movements and positions for the hands, wrists, arms, elbows.  Many of us have no opportunity to expose the elbows and wrists to a wide variety of movements, positions and load.  Over time, this causes weakness in the joints, and the surrounding muscles, ligaments and tendons.
  • Certain sports/ activities done over and over months and years, can build up repetitive stress, leading to wrist and elbow pain (and therefore the terms 'tennis elbow' and 'golf elbow')
  • Sudden impact on these joints can cause injuries  in the wrists and elbows.  These impacts can happen accidentally. Or they can be due to exposing the wrists and elbows to sudden challenges without adequate preparation

We will be looking at a wide variety of actions and asanas in this sessions.  Bear in mind that if you really want resilient elbows and wrists, it is not enought to merely participate in these sessions.  You will have to continue practice, and progressively build strength.  

To help you with home practice, we will share a recording with each of the sessions.  You will have access to these recordings for a period of 3 months. 

2 sessions of 120 mins each
2 recorded sessions with access for 3 months.

Whatsapp to 9535048899 for information on fees, and to reserve a spot.

Workshop Cost

  • For those enrolled in regular classes at the practice room for the month of October, Part 1 of this workshop (8th October or 11th October + 1 recorded session) is FREE.  Cost for attending Part 2 (15th October + 1 recorded session) is Rs. 1000
  • For those who are not enrolled in regular classes at the practice room, cost of both sessions (+ 2 recorded sessions) is Rs 2400. Cost for attending Part 1 only (8th or 11th October + 1 recorded session) is Rs. 1200

Whatsapp to 9535048899 for information on fees, and to reserve a spot

Cramps, Back aches Head aches Mood swings PMS Heavy flow... do periods always have to be so uncomfortable?
Endometriosis,  PCOS/ PCOD... is there a cure?
Is there such a thing as a 'woman's practice'?
Is all exercise good for womens' reproductive health?
Is it good to exercise the same way for the entire month?

Period discomforts can range from mild, to debilitating. Womens' menstrual cycle are extremely sensitive. They respond to changes in the external, and internal environments. Our diet, stress levels, sleep, daily routine, posture, exercise - all of these effect the menstrual cycle. PCOS/ PCOD is an increasingly common condition caused by hormonal imbalance, seen in women of child-bearing age, especially in young women. The physical and physiological symptoms of PCOS/ PCOD can severely compromise the quality of a woman's life including her emotional health and self-esteem.

In this FREE session, get introduced to simple asana postured to support overall menstrual health, with a focus on PCOD/ PCOS

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The benefits of exercise for womens' physical and emotional well-being are widely known. And it is true that almost all forms of exercise are better than no exercise. But most forms of exercise (including most other forms of yogasana practice), skirt around the issue of a woman's practice. The advice is to either ignore it and carry on as usual, or to do as much as is possible, or to take complete rest.

On the other hand, Iyengar yoga has a detailed and proven methodology that has a customised practice that strengthens, tones, rests, and supports a woman's physiology and emotional health through the various stages of her life.  A woman's physiology changes significantly from the onset of puberty, to her years of high fertility/ regular menstruation, to pregnancy, post-pregnancy, peri-menopause, and menopause.  Her asana practice can be customised to support her through all of these phases - physically, as well as emotionally.  We, at the Practice Room, have personally had very positive results in working with women who have had long-standing conditions of menstrual discomfort like endometriosis, PCOS, and fibroids.

In this free session, you will get a glimpse of this sophisticated, and benevolent methodology

We periodically organise detailed workshops on different aspects of Menstrual Practice for our enrolled students. Such workshops are open only to women, to provide them with a comfortable learning environment.
However, this Sunday’s event is more for generating public awareness ( yes, we will do asanas!).  This event is open to all genders.
Moreover, there is a large overlap between women’s Menstrual practice, and the practice for men’s urino-genital/ prostrate health. So, everyone is welcome.
But pl. RSVP.

Program details for the 25th June:
  • A short lecture/ demonstration of the principles to be kept in mind so that your exercise routine supports, and does not disrupt, your menstrual health
  • Some insights from the ancient healing science of ayurveda for maintaining menstrual health
  • Sequence of simple asanas that even beginners can do during the days of monthly period, for overall menstrual health
  • Adaptations that are beneficial for PCOS/ PCOD
  • What do modern dietics say about menstrual health and conditions of menstrual discomfort - in brief
  • At the end of the session, we will share a recording of a simple menstrual practice that can be done during the days of menstruation
  • We will end the program with a shared drink and snack

    And that sounds like a lot to fit into two hours!  But we will try our best.  Look forward to seeing you here

This FREE session is suitable even for those with absoluteley no experience of asana practice.

Whatsapp to 9535048899 to reserve a spot