Cramps, Back aches Head aches Mood swings PMS Heavy flow... do periods always have to be so uncomfortable?
Endometriosis,  PCOS/ PCOD... is there a cure?
Is there such a thing as a 'woman's practice'?
Is all exercise good for womens' reproductive health?
Is it good to exercise the same way for the entire month?

Period discomforts can range from mild, to debilitating. Womens' menstrual cycle are extremely sensitive. They respond to changes in the external, and internal environments. Our diet, stress levels, sleep, daily routine, posture, exercise - all of these effect the menstrual cycle. PCOS/ PCOD is an increasingly common condition caused by hormonal imbalance, seen in women of child-bearing age, especially in young women. The physical and physiological symptoms of PCOS/ PCOD can severely compromise the quality of a woman's life including her emotional health and self-esteem.

In this FREE session, get introduced to simple asana postured to support overall menstrual health, with a focus on PCOD/ PCOS

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The benefits of exercise for womens' physical and emotional well-being are widely known. And it is true that almost all forms of exercise are better than no exercise. But most forms of exercise (including most other forms of yogasana practice), skirt around the issue of a woman's practice. The advice is to either ignore it and carry on as usual, or to do as much as is possible, or to take complete rest.

On the other hand, Iyengar yoga has a detailed and proven methodology that has a customised practice that strenghtens, tones, rests, and supports a woman's physiology and emotional health through the various stages of her life.  

In this free session, you will get a glimpse of this sophisticated, and benevolent methodology

Program details for the 25th June:
  • A sequence of simple asanas that even beginners can do during the days of monthly period, for overall menstrual health
  • Adaptations that are beneficial for PCOS/ PCOD
  • What does ayurveda say about menstrual health and conditions of menstrual discomfort - in brief
  • What do modern dietics say about menstrual health and conditions of menstrual discomfort - in brief
  • A shared drink and snack

This FREE session is suitable even for those with absoluteley no experience of asana practice.

Whatsapp to 9535048899 to reserve a spot