Rekha’s first yoga class

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text](my dear sis-in law’s experience of her first yoga class (sent to me from melbourne, australia on mar 12 2013

 posted with no malice to anyone)


Hi jaya.


I did some browsing n found this yoga place which I read is good for skin n toning of body. Who wld not want that. I am not a yoga person but still thought in a group might be encouraged to do. Sleepless night before , woke up early, cooked , cleaned n got ready for the 10am class.


Carried all the things needed.


Yoga mat ✅


Towel ✅ but I thought to wipe the sweat but it was to place on the mat as we pour out sweat.


Water✅ many carried electrolyte.


Went with lot of confidence n wanted to prove to my family that I can do it


Entered the hellhouse


Welcomed by a very smart n handsome guy. First impression was very😇


Next I c all of them dressed as if they r gng to the beach n there I wss already out of place with full tights n tops.


Went up the stairs to the 40º


Room. Placed my mat right in front of the instructer ( digging my own grave ) . Class started, I went along well for max 15 mnts n than goes my confidence outside the window . I was sweating , panting , feeling sick with headache n nausea. Wat hv I gotten myself into. Wat hv I done to deserve this. To top it up with cherry, I was asked not to leave the room for 90 mnts. I was dng that inside but was acting to be


I hv learnt to value time. When I watch a movie 90 mnts goes like but in that torture room it went🚣.


End of class I was like( literally burnt ).


The handsome guy ( btw no longer looked like that to me as he was the instructer ) said I did a great job. I thought “seriously”.


Ran out to my car n off to home sweet home.


R u happy dear to hear my ordeal.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]