Urdhva Hasta Dandasana Part 1: Legs and Spine Connections

Dandasana is one of the foundational seated positions. But this seemingly simple position teaches us very important lessons about making connections between the limbs, and the spine. These connections are lost with sedentary lifestyles, but they are often other physical exercises cannot establish them.

This session maybe done stand-alone, but we recommend you do it in combination with the recording Urdhva Hasta Dandasana Part2: Taking the L-Shape Upside Down to connect Arms, Legs, Spine and Abdomen

Level: Intermediate

Duration: 85mins

Tagwords: 85mins, legs, spine, arms, shoulders, weights, props, ropes, half handstand, favorite, sports,  yoga kurunta, paschima namaskara, paschima baddhahasta, dandasana, supta tadasana, setubandha sarvangasana

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