Surya Namaskar Part 3 for Experienced Beginners: The Back arches and Alternatives

The sessions in this Short Course and good stand-alone sessions by themselves. This session explores the backarch of Sun SalutationUrdhvamukhasvanasana.  This positions is sometimes difficult to do repeatedly especially for those with shoulder and wrist weaknesses and injuries.  We spend time in preparing the arms and shoulders for the back arching positions, and also look at a couple of alternatives that are more workable in such conditions.  In this session we do the full cycle of Surya Namaskar multiple times.we also spend some time preparing the arms and legs before the fast actions, and some pacifying actions after.

This session is part of the Short Course Constructing and De-constructing Surya Namaskara (Short Course, Level Exp. Beginners).  Save by renting the entire Course.

The audio of this session has disturbances.  The rental is marked down for this reason

Level: Experienced Beginners, Beginners

Duration: 45mins

Tagwords: 45mins, Surya namaskar, hips, legs, arms, shoulder, favorite, Ustrasana, Bhujangasana

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