Relief for Wrists and Elbows from Mobile Phones, Laptops and other Electronic Gadget Use (Intermediate Level), Part 2

This session is mostly drills to bring relief to our abused wrists/elbows/shoulders, from over-use of electronic gadgets. These actions are good by themselves, and also good preparation for asanas where wrist/ elbow/shoulder strength is called for.

wrists and ankles are the small joints at the extremities: . They have the strength to take the weight of the whole body, sensitivity to give us feedback about subtle changes in placement, and can give precise direction to our efforts.

This session is part of the short Course Strengthening Wrists and Preparing them for Weight Bearing Asanas (Short Course; Level Intermediate)  Save by buying the whole Course.

Level: Intermediate

Duration: 70min

Tagwords: 70mins, sports, golf, tennis, favorite, wrists, elbows, salamba sirsasana2


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