Program Features: Asana Categories – 1 min Video

Why do we practice so many kinds of asanas? 
Because each asana represents a different configuration of body/ mind/breath/ sense constellation.  On a simple level, our muscles, bones and joints, our nervous system and our physiology, need these different movements and positions. 
Add to it the differences due to sequencing, focus, holding times, and one has an infinite variety. 
Even in the first few months, we introduce a wide variety of asanas. But this is not a haphphazard piling of positions and movements, they are introduced with thought, and with care, laying the groundwork for a lifetime of learning.
We hope this Online program starts you off in a joyful lifelong journey.
Online Program The First 24 Classes: An Introduction to Iyengar Yoga – is now available for rental through our website.
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