Healthy Digestive System: Practice for Overall Health of the Gut

Duration: 90 mins.

Level: All Levels – Experience of Asana practice is necessary

Props needed:

This is a prop-intensive session! We will use 2 Chairs or a long table/ bed, bolster, blankets, blocks, and access to a wall


  1. This session assumes that the practitioner has some experience with asana practice
  2. While the active actions are preventive in nature, some of them might not be suitable during active phase of the condition
  3. Asana is only one of the tools to deal with any medical condition, and advise of your health care provider should be sought.  In this particular case, diet, sleep, stress, and other lifestyle factors are important. 

Tagwords: 75mins, props, chair, back,  ustrasana, pavanmuktasana, viparita dandasana, eka pada viparita dandasana

The digestive system (the gastrointestinal tract/ the gut) is unique in the body in being under the influence of multiple control systems - nervous, hormonal, life-style, diet, even micro organisms living in the gut.  Chronic imbalances or dis-eases of the gut can manifest in various ways.  In the previous sessions we have looked at acid reflex and constipation.  Irritable bowel syndrome, herniations and ulcerations at various parts of the tract, piles etc., are other manifestations of chronic conditions.  This session is an overview of the principles to be followed for overall health of the digestive tract, and is the concluding session in this Series. It goes through almost all categories of asanas, and is a combination of active and restorative actions. 

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