Feet, Toes, Ankles: Simple Conditioning Drills and Asanas for All Levels

The session is in two segments.  in the first segment, there are simple drills for the feet, ankles and toes that can be attempted by anyone – these are not classical asana positions. In the second segment, we attempt a few standing asanas with additional supports and additional focus on the feet, to explore the difference/ improvements.

This session may be done as a stand-alone session, but it is also part of the Short Course Stability and Mobility of the Feet: Toes, Ankles, Arches and More (Short Course, Level: Gentle).  You can save by renting the entire Course.

Level: All levels

Duration: 60mins

Tagwords: 60mins, feet, ankles, toes, sports, running, drills, CARS, standing

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