Upper Back Health through Forward Extensions

Focus: Often forward bends are contra-indicated in cases of back injury.  People with weak backs or back injuries often develop a fear of forward extension actions. But these upper back actions, with their characteristic, arched but fully extended back bodies, arms and legs, look quite different from the final positions of the forward extensions. The thoracic vertebrae of the upper back are the ones that are the stiffest for most people, and in fact, it is this stiffness in the upper back that contributes to imbalance and pain that manifests int eh lower back.  In this session we use intermediate actions to access the muscles that control the thoracic region. They are beneficial in themselves, bringing flexibility to the the upper back area, and also prepare us for the final forward extensions, reinforcing the connection of the arms and the legs through the back body.  These positions are also not just safe, but recommended in many cases where the full forward extensions might be counter-indicated. Props needed: Chair, 2 blocks, blankets, belt Note: While all the forward extensions in this session are supported positions, those withe back injuries are advised caution in the final positions.  

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