Back Arches: How to Warm-up, Cool Down, and Use Supports

Back Arches are not just an important category in asanas, they are an invaluable part of our movement vocabulary for a healthy life.  Being able to access the posterior part of the body has physiological and emotional benefits.  However, bending  backwards is something that many of us have lost touch with in our adult lives.  For some of us, the structures involved in back arches – the muscles and spinal structures –  might have degenerated or lost their strength and elasticity.  Regaining these movements and positions might take time and effort.  This is an active session of  back arches, but with some notable characteristics that make it suitable for those starting back arches after a long gap, the aged, those recovering from a back injury:

  • this session starts with a preparatory phase to prepare the arms, legs, and the back, to start arching
  • supports are shown for many of the back arches
  • the session ends with long-ish ‘release’ part where any strains or stresses due to the back arches can be taken care of

Note: Although this is a good session for those looking to regain strength and flexibility in the back after a gap, this is still not a therapy session and those with back injuries should exercise caution.

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