Improving Ankle Resiliency with Supports

The ankle joint, like the wrist, is delicate, making possible a large range of movement.  Unlike the wrist, it faces the challenge of balancing the weight of our body, and therefore needs firmness. We have two ankle bones on each feet – the inner and the outer.  Being close to the base of the body, the ankle bones honestly reflect the quality of how we stand.  Imbalances in the feet are reflected in the ankles.  Conversely, building resilience in the ankles improves our balance,  ankles prevents injuries, and improves deformities not just of the feet, but of the entire leg. This session works on the ankle joint through a series of standing Asanas Note: This session is categorised as ‘Gentle’.  But older practitioners are advised to use caution in the balancing positions and to use additional support where required
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