Viparita Karani Action in Inverted Positions

Focus: In the Iyengar tradition, the restorative qualities of Viparita Karani are harnessed by making possible long supported holds. In his book, ‘Yoga – The Path to Wholistic Health’, BKS Iyengar says this asana boosts confidence and alleviates nervous exhaustion.  However, the ‘Viparita Karani’ action can be done in other inverted positions with varying degrees of support.  In this session, we look at a few different ways of executing this position.

Props needed: blankets, belt, 1 block,1 chair, bolster, access to a wall

Note: This session includes some complex actions involving inversions, back arches, shoulder extensions and wrist flexion.  Approach with caution in case of weakness or injury in any of these body parts.  Inversions are not recommended for women during the days of menstruation.

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