To attend or to miss a class – sickness, menstruation, pregnancy etc.
Should i come to class if i am running late?

Yes – as long as this does not become a habit. The initial invocation to sage Patanjali, and the final savasana are integral part of the class. In fact, it is best arrive five minutes before the class starting time in order to settle in. However, if on some day you are running late, do not give up – you may come in late (or leave early). We believe the class should be compassionate enough to make room for your personal exigencies.

Should I come to class if I am sick?

Yoga can help in recovery after a period of sickness through rejuvenative, supported asanas. However, during sickness/ fever, the body needs complete rest. Also, in the interest of your fellow students, if you have a condition that is infectious, please stay away from the class till the period of active infection is over.

Should i come to class after a long tiring journey?

Yes. In fact, plan to come straight to class. Yoga can be very effective is removing the mental and physical fatigue of sitting hunched-up in one position in a car or on a flight.

Should i come to class if i am tired/ sleepy?

Yes. The practice can be adapted to rejuvenate you if you are physically tired or just plain sleepy. If you are indeed sleep deprived, you will sleep better after the practice.

Should i come to class if (for women) menstruating?

Yes. However, inform the teacher and do the menstrual sequence instead of following the regular class. The menstrual sequence is effective in relieving the physical discomforts of menstruation (cramps, tiredness, irritability).

Should i come to class if (for women) if i am pregnant?

Not to a general class. An adapted yoga practice is effective in maintaining a healthy pregnancy and easing the process of delivery. However, the practice needs to be modified for this condition and is to be done only under guidance. Inform the teacher as soon as pregnancy is confirmed.

When can I re-start my practice after childbirth?

Three months after a vaginal and longer for a caesarian delivery.