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Abdominal Actions (10 sessions)

4,990.00 3,743.00

A series of 10 classes (>600 minutes) detailing the various ways the abdomen is used in the practice of asanas.

Asana Understanding for a Healthy Back (6 sessions)

2,894.00 2,171.00

These sessions are meant to give an understanding of healthy movements and actions for a strong and flexible back.

Deep Dive – Virabhadrasana 1 (5 sessions)

2,395.00 1,797.00

We start teaching this asana early, but it takes a long time to refine. Virabhadrasana 1 is a basic standing asana with many moving parts. It has traces of forward extensions, backward arch and twist. Explore some interesting variations and progressions of Virabhadrasana 1 in this set of classes.

Respiratory Health – Short (4 sessions)


Our practice, when balanced and consistent, protects us from the physical, emotional stresses of life. However, as practitioners, we might be resistant to such stresses, but as humans, we are not impervious to them.
This Playlist contains a selections of sessions to deal with the current pandemic. The underlying principles are improving respiratory health, improving general immunity, and releasing stress.



Weekend Intensive October 2020 – Twisting and Back arches (2 sessions)

1,398.00 1,049.00

The weekend Intensives are usually a set of two long-duration sessions. We usually conduct them over two consecutive days. The first day is a preparation for the second day. The second day reinforces what was learnt on first day, and its build up from it. While we recommend the first day for all levels (beginners might find the classes a little challenging), the second day is meant for the intermediate level practitioner.
It includes inversions, the more advanced forms of twisting/ back arches and forward extensions. The last half hour is usually spent on breath-work/ pranayama.

Wrist and shoulders (3 sessions)

1,497.00 1,123.00

Modern living with devices such as computers and mobile phones are not a natural way of living for us humans, yet we cannot live without them anymore. The use of these devices create imbalances and fatigue in the upper limbs that can lead to stressing the heart. The classes in this series are meant to address this imbalance and fatigue.

A 3 class series that is ideally suited to release fatigue from the shoulders, elbows and wrists.