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Personal Consultations

In our experience, the methodology of group classes developed by the Iyengar system is quite efficacious in learning asanas and pranayama.  Beyond this class-room teaching, it the the practitioner’s own self practice, done with awareness and intelligence, that really bears the fruits. We are always happy take questions from students about their practice.  Ususally this happens at the end of a class, or during self-practice times.  However, sometimes a longer interaction, over a prolonged period of time might be required, and we have found ‘Personal Consultations’ to be useful in some cases:

  • when dealing with any injuries or other physical limitations that require special adaptations
  • when the student has a very specific goal in mind ( e.g. preparing for a marathon, an arduous trek etc.) that requires a more focussed and adapted practice.
  • we highly recommend periodic Personal Consultaions to supplement Online lessons.

You can schedule appointments for personal consultations with Jaya or Mohan. A minimum of 3 appointments is required to work towards any goal. We recommend that you schedule 3 separate appointments spread over 2 weeks.  We will not be able to approve the appointment request unless the 3 appointment requests are received.

Before scheduling an appointment, send us an email with what your goals are from the personal consultation sessions.  Give us 24 hours to respond to your personal consultation request – especially when booking for the first time.

During the period of Covid precautionary measures, please carry your basic props with you when coming for an in-studio consultation.[/vc_column_text]

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