Sacrum as the Fulcrum: Back Arches, Forward Extensions, Forward Extensions, Culminating in Viparita Karani

Sacrum (or the Sacral region), is towards the base of the spine, below the lumbar and above the tailbone (coccyx).  Anatomically, these lowest regions of the spine are not credited with much movement.  Both the sacrum and the tailbone are composed of vertbrae that fuse by adulthood.  The sacrum gives stability to the pelvic girdle and forms part of the vertebral canal (he coccyx is regarded as vestigeal – of no particular use). But structurally, the sacrum is like the ‘keystone’ of an arch, and this unique position is of importance in spinal movement This session looks at the fulcrum like position of the sacrum in back arches and forward extensions, as we explore if they opposites of each other, mirrors to each other,  or parts of the same continuum? Explore the beautiful relationship playing out in our body, culminating in supported and deeply restful Viparita Karani.

Props needed: blankets, belt, bolster, block,1 chair, access to a wall

Note: Viparita karani is categorised as an inversion, and is therefore not advised for women during the days of menstruation.  Women during menstruation are also advised against abdominal actions including deep twists

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