Personal Consultations / one-on-one session

Iyengar Yoga is very well suited to be taught in group classes. The methodology is detailed, the instructors are trained to observe a large group of people attentively, and to show multiple adaptations for differing abilities of students.  In our experience, common concerns like back and knee weakness, posture improvement etc. are often resolved through minor adjustments in the class itself.  However, there are situations where more personalised coaching might be necessary. This can typically occur in cases of:

  • Injuries
  • Chronic illnesses/ conditions
  • Persistent weakness/ imbalances that are not being adequately addressed in the regular class
  • As a supplement for students who have primarily been learning online
  • Where the student is working towards a specific personal goal  

Some things to keep in mind before booking Personal Consultation sessions:

– Personal Consultation sessions supplement regular classes.  They are not as an alternative to group classes. 

– Personal consultations are decided in consultation between the student and the instructor. Before scheduling appointments, please send us an email, telling us what you are expecting from these sessions. Do not make a payment for personal consultation before discussion with the instructors.

– The appointments can be either in-person or online. Please state you preference in your email.  The costs are the same for in-person or online sessions.

– For the first time, a set of three sessions has to be booked.  Subsequent bookings may be for single sessions.

— For maximum efficacy, the first 3 sessions are best done spread over approximately 2 weeks, at times that are convenient for you and the instructor. 

– The appointment is subject to confirmation by the instructor.  In case the instructor is not able to accept your appointment, they will inform you, and the money will be credited back to your source account.

– For real benefits to occur, the student is expected to continue to practice by themselves, what they have learnt in the Personal Consultation sessions. 

– Each session is 55-60 mins. long

– The session rates mentioned here are for those enrolled at the practice room. If you are not a regular participant in our online/ in-studio classes, pl. send us an email or a message to discuss the possibility of making a personal consultation booking