The Practice room is an independent studio teaching and practicing yoga in the tradition of yogacarya BKS Iyengar. Our online teaching is firmly rooted in our on-ground experience.

Online Program: for Beginner level practitioners

For absolute beginners who have never done yoga before, and for for experienced beginners (with 6 months – 1 year experience of learning yoga)

Online Program: for Intermediate level practitioners

For practitioners with at least 3 years of having learnt yoga in the Iyengar tradition, OR for those who have done yoga in other traditions, and have a practice of inversions

Online Yoga - Does it work?

It depends on where you are….

Yoga is much more than merely a form of exercise. The teacher is not just an instructor of technicalities, but also imbibes in the student an ethos/ culture. We believe that this is not possible through a remote mode of instruction, and without a personal connection with a teacher. However, taking a cue from Mr. Iyengar’s saying ‘A good book is better than a bad teacher’, it is possible that an online instructor can be the best – or the only – bet in some situations:

  • when there is no access to a trained instructor

  • when live class times do not work

  • when affordability of live classes becomes a barrier

Why come to the Practice Space?

Our on-line presence is based on our on-ground experience.

Our robust methodology comes from working closely with an enthusiastic community of close-knit practitioners. We learn from our diverse student-base – who come from different backgrounds, age-groups, and health profiles. We learn through constant feedback, and through watching the progress of our students.

Our online offering has been tested on this same community. We are constantly re-working, testing and streamlining the online program to make it a meaningful experience. Online sessions follow a continuity in theme throughout the month, to cover the various categories of asanas – standing, seated, forward and backward extensions, twisting and balancing actions, and inversions. These sessions have a mix of active/ energising and passive/ restorative work. In consonance with our belief that the student should develop the ability to work independently, instead of building dependency on the teacher (or the digital medium):

  • we offer only monthly subscriptions (no drop-ins), so that each participant develops the ability to think through, and connect the dots

  • we incorporate a mix of classwork (live-streamed sessions), and home-work (pre-recorded and audio classes).

Classes are currently divided into two levels – Beginner and Intermediate. Read the explanations in the links above before you sign-up.