Online Program for Beginner Level
(for the period January 2021 to April 2021)

For new students, Online Programs start with a week-long trial period from the date of sign-up.
Superior quality recording of all livestream sessions made available for a week.

Find details of the Hybrid Program (Online + in-studio classes) here

Session 1

Live-stream session
duration: 60min, followed by Q and A
day: Friday
time: 7:00 – 8:00am

Session 2

Recorded session alternating with general level live-stream session on alternate weeks
duration: livestream sessions: 75 min; recorded session: 45-60 min
day and time for the livestream session: alternate Wednesdays, 7:00 to 8:15 am

Quarterly Weekend workshop

Once in a quarter, a 2 hour workshop (instead of the two weekly sessions)

Fees for the Online Beginners Program: Rs 1,700/ month

*Times are in Indian Standard Time (+5:30 GMT). Some indicative conversions: 2:30am London, 3:30am Durban; 5:30am Dubai; 9:30am Singapore; 10:30am Tokyo; 11:30am Sydney, 6:30pm (prev. day) San Francisco; 9:30pm (prev. day) New York.

The schedule and the fees listed here are effective till April, 2021. 

Considerations and resources if you are signing up as a beginner

The importance of a teacher, while important for all aspirants of yoga, is especially so for absolute beginners. Mistakes can happen in various realms (physical, physiological, intellectual). A trained and experienced teacher can recognise and correct these mistakes before they turn into habit patterns. Injuries in yoga are not just caused due to falls and accidents, but more insidious injuries are the result of an inability to recognise and correct seemingly minor mistakes over a prolonged period. if you are making a beginning on the path of yoga through an online medium, we advise utmost sensitivity. However, inspite of the limitations of the online medium, you will learn! We have taught enough beginner-level participants to have a fairly good idea of where things can go wrong, and we include these various scenarios in our online classes.

Please consult your healthcare provider before starting any new form of exercise, especially if you have been sedentary, have recently undergone any major surgeries/ are recovering from any illness. You are welcome to get in touch with us directly, but please recognise that remote instruction does not allow for finer observations and corrections.

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Considerations and resources if you are signing up as an experienced beginner

  • Experienced beginners and Intermediate level students are perhaps the most suited to this format of learning.
  • We assume that experienced beginners with any health concerns/ limitations, know how to make adaptations for the beginner level asanas. We do frequently give instructions about contra-indications and adaptations in the classes.
  • We do not attempt to teach independent inversions in an online format, and we advice you to learn these positions only under the direct supervision of a trained instructor.